Why Choose A Sectional Garage Door For Your Home

Why Choose A Sectional Garage Door For Your Home

Choosing the right garage door for your home is important, both on what type of garage door you would like and what you’d like it to look like. There’s so much to keep in mind when choosing a garage door – from the space you have available through to what you’d like this door to look like when it’s attached to your home.

Fenland Garage Doors have been providing sectional garage door installation services for decades, building up an outstanding reputation for our work across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Understanding Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors themselves are operated on high tension torsion springs, and are typically automatically opened with a remote opener.  Designed with split door panels, sectional garage doors move vertically to open and slide into horizontal tracks curved into the garage. This results with the entire door sitting parallel with the ceiling at a higher level than the door height itself.

Due to the vertical opening, sectional garage doors require minimal headroom in your garage to allow for more clearance space above your vehicles. In the same way, as they don’t swing out to open or close – this maximises the space available.

Advantages of Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are perfect for anyone who wishes to take advantage of every inch of their garage space, or if you have a typically short driveway. You can park your car up close to the garage door, without worrying about any potential damage or issue with opening the door.

Being typically made from lightweight materials, such as steel, timber and fibreglass, sectional garage doors are easy to use and open without risk of weighing itself down. Similarly, these materials provide a broad range of styles meaning you can find a door style to match the exterior of your home.

Sectional garage doors are flexible and weather resistant, with seals on all sides to protect against the elements. You can also choose to have insulated panels fitted to reduce heat loss, however even without these panels sectional doors provide the insulation needed to help keep your garage comfortable.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Style

Each home has its own unique design and character, and your garage door should complement rather than clash with this existing style. Modern sectional garage doors provide clean lines and these contemporary finishes can enhance the aesthetic of more contemporary or minimalist home designs.

It’s worth considering what the exterior of your home looks and feels like, as well as your personal preferences. This ensures that the style you choose not only fits the look of the building but also what aligns with how you want your home to look.

Fenland Garage Doors

Fenland Garage Doors provide sectional garage door installation and maintenance services across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. A perfect solution for homeowners, our advisors are on hand to share their extensive experience and provide sectional garage door services and maintenance advice to homeowners.

We offer a free, no obligation quotation service with a range of garage door options for you to choose from. Get in touch with us at Fenland Garage Doors to find out more about how we can help you, or book in for a free consultation.

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