Up-and-Over Garage Doors Suffolk

Looking for a classic and budget-friendly solution for your Suffolk garage? At Fenland Garage Doors, we offer a wide range of high-quality up & over garage doors, installed with over 39 years of experience and our commitment to your satisfaction.

Our advisors and installers all have extensive experience surrounding up and over garage door installation, ensuring that you receive the best solution for your needs. We offer a free, no obligation quotation service for everyone across Suffolk.

Our garage door fitters are all NVQ-trained and qualified Door Systems Engineers, allowing us to provide a fully competent installation service while adhering to EN regulations regarding moving machinery within the home.

Explore our up & over garage door options today and find the perfect match for your Suffolk home. Contact Fenland Garage Doors for a free quote!

Up-and-Over Garage Doors Suffolk
Up-and-Over Garage Doors Suffolk
Up-and-Over Garage Doors Suffolk

Why Choose Fenland?

“From the initial consultation, quote to the Garage doors being installed, I can't recommend enough. Great product from Hormann and installed very professionally.”
Martin Watts

Top-Rated Customer Satisfaction

Fully Trained and Qualified

Wide Selection of Doors

Fully Insured and Guaranteed

Small Building Works Provided

No Deposit, Pay On Completion

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, up and over garage doors are designed to withstand exposure to the elements and provide protection against wind, rain, and other weather conditions. Weather seals around the perimeter of the door help to prevent drafts and moisture.

Regular maintenance is important for the smooth operation and longevity of your up and over garage door. This includes lubricating moving parts such as hinges, rollers, and tracks, checking for signs of wear or damage, and ensuring that springs and cables are properly tensioned.

A garage door should last you a good length of time. A modern garage door’s panels should last you at least 30 years – if not longer with good care and maintenance – before a replacement is required. It’s the mechanisms and openers that may not last quite as long, with these needing regular maintenance and replacement after 10 to 15 years depending on the quality of care and mechanisms used.

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