Roller Garage Doors

Hormann RollMatics roller garage doors are one of the neatest garage door solutions available with vertical opening and closing. Giving them a clean finish they also have no internal tracking mechanism inside the garage at all. This provides you with more room on your driveway and the option for additional storage space. You can also park right up to the roller door, outside or inside and still operate it.

Roller doors will usually roll into an average size box above the door of about 300 x 300mm. The roll for the continuous curtain is usually a fair bit larger so check carefully. Roller Doors have an almost limitless selection of colours and wood grain finishes.

Roller doors are available as insulated double-skinned aluminium as well as non-insulated single-skin steel with the option of manual or remote control electric operation however we can offer insulated double-skinned steel doors and options on the steel roller shutters with many slat types to choose from aside from the mainstream doors available.

Our roller garage doors are available throughout, Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire.

Roller Garage Door – RollMatic

Roller Garage Door – RollMatic

The operator that is included as standard is located outside the barrel casing for trouble-free maintenance. The door components, operator and control are optimally adjusted to each other and approved as a functioning unit.

The integrated soft start and soft stop of the operator ensures smooth door travel and protects the door. The spring compensation and reliable automatic cut-out render an additional closing edge safety device unnecessary.

RollMatic OD horizontal door

RollMatic OD horizontal door

The space-saving RollMatic OD horizontal door is ideal for modernisation. The narrow design of the horizontal door allows fitting in the garage even in very tight spaces. The door’s compact construction only requires a headroom of 60 mm.

The standard operator ProMatic can be either installed on the right or the left horizontal guide rail, no additional headroom is required.

With the optionally available SupraMatic operator, your horizontal door opens faster and you can drive directly from the street into your garage. And you will wonder how you ever lived without convenience functions such as the additional opening height, e.g. to ventilate your garage, and being able to switch the operator lighting on and off with your hand transmitter.


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